Cheryl's Story - One Small Gift

Some families require a comprehensive, long term approach

Supportive Housing

Cheryl's story

Cheryl, her 32-year-old son, Bruce, and his two teenage sons had been coughing and sneezing for months. Then the rashes and daily headaches came.

Black mold was slowly poisoning them and eventually pushed them out of the only home they knew. Then they were forced to leave the reserve because there was nowhere to go.

Cheryl and her family needed someone willing to invest the time and effort into truly supporting them. Inn from the Cold’s supportive housing programs offered a comprehensive approach that addressed all of the family’s needs.

While living in our facilities, Cheryl and her family worked with a case manager to create a long-term plan that gave them the tools to live the healthy and independent life they all wanted.

Inn from the Cold provides supportive housing programs that include housing, financial assistance, early childhood development, and general health and wellness programs.

We work with families on goal setting, relationship and community connection building, access to various community social services, and developing skills in a variety of areas.

Most families become independent and leave the program within two years.

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