Hassana's Story - One Small Gift

Providing safe and secure emergency shelter while finding permanent housing

Emergency Shelter Program

Hassana's story

Hassana’s husband passed away while they were fleeing unrest in Nigeria. She made it to Canada with her three young children, eventually finding themselves in Calgary as refugees.

Everything was jarringly unfamiliar: the 15 cm of snow on that first day, these unusual warm winds called Chinooks, and all the challenges that come with starting a new life in a new country without your spouse, family, or friends.

While providing them with safe and secure emergency shelter, Inn from the Cold was able to help Hassana and her family acclimatize to their new surroundings.

We worked with Hassana’s family on building the connections they needed to set up a new life in Canada and assisted them in finding a permanent home in Calgary.

Families who turn to us for help seldom come to us from living on the streets.

Families without a home will often live in their vehicle or with any friends or relatives as long as they can. When they have exhausted their available sources of support, Inn from the Cold is able to provide safe and secure emergency shelter.

With our help, most families are able to find permanent housing within 30 days of staying at our shelter.

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