Matt & Michelle's Story - One Small Gift

A temporary family crisis doesn’t have to lead to homelessness

Homeless Diversion
and Prevention

Matt & Michelle's story

Matt and Michelle and their young children under the age of 10 have called Calgary home for the last 12 years. They hit a rough patch when Matt lost his job at an oil and gas company, and Michelle developed an addiction to pain medication after a back injury.

All the stress and pressure led to arguments, explosions of anger, and calls from teachers about trouble at school.

By connecting Matt and Michelle with the supports they needed, Inn from the Cold was able to help alleviate some of the challenges they were experiencing.

With their immediate struggles addressed, Matt and Michelle were able to work toward creating a positive path back to stability for their family.

Some families may need one-time financial help so they can pay the rent and avoid eviction. Others may need referrals to appropriate agencies for counselling, legal guidance and advice, and programs that strengthen employment, parenting, and general life skills.

Inn from the Cold’s diversion and prevention services provide personalized assistance with such situations to avoid the experience of homelessness.

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